Chesapeake Footsoldiers

PF_Storyfest_Badge_V4_03-15-16_ALsmall-03.pngChesapeake Footsoldiers is a 26 minute documentary that tells the stories of unsung heroes who work to confront some of the Bay’s biggest ongoing challenges - from replenishing historically low oyster stocks, to stopping chronic nutrient pollution from the Chesapeake Bay’s enormous watershed.

Crabs, fish, and oysters were once the backbone of a prolific seafood economy around the Chesapeake Bay. However, the runoff pollution from cities, suburbs and farms across states spanning from Virginia to New York has damaged the area's economy and put some of the local drinking water quality in peril. This film shows a day-in-the-life of just a few of the many people dedicated to innovations that promote urban sustainability.

In the film's prologue, oysterman Brian Droneberger shares his success and failures in the damaged fishery. The first of Chesapeake Footsoldiers' three longer segments profiles Buddy Willey and Bryan Gomes of the Oyster Recovery Partnership. Buddy assists oyster gardeners throughout the region while Bryan teaches Maryland youth about the importance of oysters - the Chesapeake Bay's natural water filters. The second story showcases the work of biologist-conservationist Drew Koslow, who collaborates closely with Eastern Shore farmers to stop the flow of nutrients into waterways by using bioreactor technology. Finally, Pat Fasano educates and persuades Amish farmers in Pennsylvania about the pressing need to implement new and better conservation techniques.

Chesapeake Footsoldiers will be released on April 30 on Maryland Public Television. Please see the following link for another sample from the film:

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