Chemical Free Cleaning System

This innovative procedure is able, to transform ordinary faucet water into an exceptionally forceful sanitizing cleanser used in advanced hospital surgical rooms, emulsifying oils/de-greaser and neutral cleanser, merely by running a little electrical charge through it. It splits atoms, adjusts PH of water and it operates primarily on the rules of scientific and electrical engineering.

This actuated water is extraordinary not only in its cleaning capability, but also the fact that its electrical charge will neutralize entirely in as little as thirty to forty-five seconds, leaving only water as residual sediment! Eliminates chemical waste run off from buildings from cleaning. I have reduced chemical use and chemical expenses in my janitorial company by over 95% in most locations that don't contain VCT tile flooring. Thus eliminating nearly all CFC's #1 source of indoor air pollution, plastic waste bottle elimination, manufacturing waste, transport of chemicals and a near zero carbon footprint. There simply is no better or cost effective way to clean. Please help me create a new standard of chemical free cleaning that is safer for the environment, buildings and its occupants, air pollution reduction, our fragile oceans and public water systems are being overwhelmed with our chemicals and these systems can save money, labor and our environment from the onslaught of chemical and landfill waste from our planet.

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