CDP’s Nigel Topping: Data Drives Climate Action in Cities

The Carbon Disclosure Project collects and discloses greenhouse gas emissions data from thousands of organizations around the world, data that can then be used to develop reporting standards and enhance climate-related actions.

In July, C40 released a report developed in partnership with CDP that offered the first-ever public disclosure and analysis of self-reported GHG emissions data from C40 Cities.

In this interview, Nigel Topping, Chief Innovation Officer for CDP, discusses the opportunities for the C40 in relation to measuring carbon emissions. With 72% of the C40’s 58 member cities reporting in the first year of the analysis, Topping is optimistic that in subsequent years all of the C40 Cities will be able to join in disclosing emissions data to both capture the scope of the issue and to act.

“That rich set of data,” Topping says, “can inspire learning and innovation.”

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