Can Fiber Optics Cables be Used to Transport Solar Light and Heat?

Can we use fiber optic cables to transport or transmit solar light and heat over long distances from hot deserts to cold weather areas? My point is that I think there is a great need for solar heat in areas where it is frequently foggy or rainy and more importantly cold like in the North. People are currently and intensively dependent on air polluting firewood to stay warm.

I am not a fiber optic specialist and I need to know if ultra concentrated solar energy can be transmitted through fiber optics in thick pipes over long distances. Can fiber optics handle intense solar heat and light without melting?

There is a new technological field called photonics. I am not entirely familar with photons except that photons create light. I wonder about the heat itself that go in hand with light riding on photon flow. I am not completely sure about the potential of photonics to transmit light and heat together through fiber optics over long distances. Photonics are generally used for signal technology like computers and communications but I often wonder about energy technology as well.

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