Branching Out For City Environments

We need to plant trees to replace the landscape decimated by urban and city sprawl. Planting green trees and plants would help so much. It would stop erosion, floods, pollution. We have decimated our landscape replacing important ecosystems in plant life to cement and asphalt. The earth is drying up hundreds of thousands of acres wiped out by development, now pollution and erosion, because we've taken away its natural habitat.

We need to plant and plant and plant. It will hold the soil, make it cooler, help with erosion and pollution, put oxygen into the air. Replace cement parking lots with grass and dirt, plant on top of roofs, create gardens. Most of all plant trees again in our back yards, instead of more buildings. Replace the trees on the city streets, they make shade for the sidewalks. We can cool it down, if we go on a nationwide, global planting spree. The water will be held in the soil and not evaporate into deluges like we've seen with the unprecedented amount of storms and tornadoes. It wouldn't be that difficult. Would it?

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