Blue-green algae in Lake Neatahwanta

2021 Storyfest Entry

I grew up next to Lake Neatahwanta in Fulton, N.Y. This lake has been experiencing issues with toxic blue-green algae since 1988, and has not been swimmable since. The algae is harmful to both animals and humans, stifling its recreational use by Fultonians. The city of Fulton tried using hydraulic dredging to remove the algae which was not successful, and was recently chosen for experimental treatment of new technologies created by SUNY ESF and Clarkson University. This new technology can only help lakes that have shoreline blooms only, which is not the case for Lake Neatahwanta. In the end, no technological solution can mitigate the algal blooms until the runoff from farms which helps the blooms grow stops. 


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