What’s the beef with meatless burgers?

Investigating Environmental Impact of Plant-Based Patties

Plant-based burgers have become increasingly popular in recent months. The Beyond and Impossible burgers are two meatless patties that have achieved a level of success most food companies can only dream about. Within just the first two months of going public, Beyond Meat’s stock price skyrocketed 350 percent. There was so much demand from restaurants for the Impossible Burger, the company faced a product shortage. More recently, Burger King expanded the number of burgers on its menu that use the Impossible patty from one to three. 

The buzz surrounding these meatless burgers is undeniable. But I wanted to take a step back from all the hype and investigate the marketing claims most consumers are using to inform their decisions. For example, these companies say their products are saving the planet by reducing the effects of climate change, but can we verify that? Or we’re led to believe that plant-based burgers are healthier. Are they really? After interviewing food experts and poring through scientific research, we finally have the answers every consumer needs to know.

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