A Union of Sun, Wind, and Water: Hawaii's Sustainable Home

Team Hawaiʻi’s house, Hale Pilihonua, is designed using a holistic approach such to function in harmony with naturally available resources. The shell, or semi-monocoque, structure is made of fiber-reinforced polymer providing resistance to damage from corrosion, termites, rot, and floods. The shell is insulated with translucent aerogel which provides high thermal performance and interior day lighting. The exterior structure consists of controllable shading louvers, photovoltaic panels, and solar hot water collectors. Integrated environmental control systems include phase-change material for thermal storage, intelligent occupancy sensing, energy-conserving lighting controls, and home integration software. An integrated aquaponics system supports sustainable food production. Interact with Team Hawaiʻi on Facebook or Twitter or check out webcasts on demand by chapter.

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