A Tree Grows in Brookland: Casey Trees DC

Casey Trees is a non-profit committed to restoring the tree canopy in the District. They recently moved from the hustle and bustle of K Street to an extraordinary new headquarters in the residential Brookland neighborhood of North East Washington.

Their new building encompasses all the latest in sustainable architecture in the urban environment and pushes the envelope on what can be done to make a structure environmentally efficient in city spaces.

What makes Casey Trees even more interested is not just their new headquarters but how the engage and inform their surrounding community to bring the city together through tree planting.

Watch as Maisie Hughes, director of planning and design for Casey Trees, talks with us about saving energy through planting trees, designing their new space and incorporating it into one of Washington's most historically rich neighborhoods.

VISIT THE PROJECT'S WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CASEY TREES AND TREE CANOPY: https://sites.google.com/site/atreegrowsinbrookland/home

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