A Revolutionary Engine

India is primarily an agricultural country, and modern technology plays a major role in its agricultural practices. Its farming machines are powered by internal combustion engines, with speed and torque variations effected using conventional gears, which causes the engines to lose fuel efficiency over time. To increase engine efficiency and to achieve infinitely variable transmission, our team is developing a Pulley Type Continuously Variable Transmission

Stepless Transmission Systems can be incorporated into existing tractors and harvesters, eliminating the need for gears and gear boxes in the power train. A simple arrangement of two variable diameter pulleys connected by one angular contact Vari-speed Elastomer belt can be attached to the drive shaft, the pulleys being actuated by stepper motors and/or clutch-based hydraulic control systems. This changeover could result in major savings in fuel by running the engine at its efficient speed and driving at any desired speed through step-less variations.

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