A Hybrid Electric Vehicle for under $1400!!!

I have always been an above average Do-It-Yourselfer....I even built an Electric Motorcycle way back in '73. So over the years I needed to buy a lot of tools and I bought a few from Northern Tool + Equipment, Web site NorthernTool.com I now see that they offer a 3 wheel Electric Bike in their Catalogue! Its Item #131415-1101 and the cost is $1000. Maximum speed is 15 MPH, the range is 30 miles and it has a wire basket on the back to put things in.....So how do we convert this thing into a Hybrid? Its quite simple, just order Item #166500-1101 the 2000 Watt Portable Generator for $350. When the stuff arrives at your home, you just put the Generator in the wire basket on the Bike, plug in the Bike Charger and add some Gas. Now your ready for the road! Now I wouldn't advise taking this thing out on the Interstate Highway, but there is no reason why it couldn't be scaled up into a 3 wheel Hybrid Electric Motorcyle. Another thought, this could be used as a low cost Hybrid Electric Vehicle for evaluation as a school project.....I bet it gets over 200 MPG.

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