American food vegetation: 'The Game Plan' podcast

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The time is now to face the future of humanity’s greatest challenge: climate change. Listen to the innovation and reconstruction that college students are expecting to make through public policy to combat climate change here on the game plan podcast with host Anika Pillai.  

Game Plan Podcast Episode Description: America’s Food Vegetation

This episode contains strong language about hunger. 

As inevitable globalization pushes for urbanization, it is important that we avoid industrialization forms of development or hyper urbanization. Instead, development which centers local communities and tailors to each street, each store, each person is the most productive and sustainable form of development.  Now, how do you do that? Sustainable development is a wicked problem and in today's episode we will discuss one aspect of it: food distribution. Unequal distribution of nutrition, vitamins, and calories across the United States is the source of many public health issues. Behind the health crisis is unsustainable farming and produce. America’s food vegetation is made up of many food deserts and swamps. To turn those swamps and deserts into lush rainforests with a diverse variety in nutritional foods, we will discuss a public policy game plan that can make it happen. 


Music: "Not Listening" by Ketsa (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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