Meet Our 2022-2023 Planet Forward Correspondents!

(photo by Aliko Sunawang/Unsplash)

Open Dates: 
Tuesday, September 06, 2022 to Wednesday, May 10, 2023

We are excited to announce our 2022-2023 Planet Forward Correspondents! Get to know them below:


Our 2022-2023 Senior Correspondents:

  • Halley Hughes - University of Arizona. Halley is in her senior year, double majoring in Natural Resources and the Environment.

  • Carter Weinhofer - Eckerd College. Carter is in his senior year, majoring in Environmental Studies and Spanish with a minor in Journalism.


Our 2022-2023 Correspondents:

  • Chris Zatarain - University of Arizona. Chris is pursuing his bachelor's degree in Music and minoring in Environmental Studies.

  • Eric Forbes - Colorado State University. Eric is pursuing his graduate degree in Journalism and Media Communication.

  • Adriana Martinez-Smiley - Northwestern University. Adriana is in her senior year, majoring in Journalism with a concentration in Critical Race and Ethics Studies.

  • Hannah Krantz - George Washington University. Hannah is in her senior year, studying Journalism and Mass Communications.

  • Dori Reese - Tuskegee University. Dori is in her junior year, majoring in Political Science.

  • Charles Hua - Harvard College. Charles is pursuing his bachelor's degree in Statistics and Mathematics, as well as his master's degree in Statistics.

  • Josh Rosenstein - Middlebury College. Josh is in his junior year, majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration in Economics.

  • Julia Paige-Carter - Arizona State University. Julia is in her Senior year, studying Sustainability and Communications.

  • Katie Perkins - Texas Tech University. Katie is in her third year, studying Creative Media Industries with a concentration in photography.

  • Owen Volk - SUNY-ESF. Owen is in his junior year, majoring in Environmental Studies with a focus in policy and communications.

  • Sachi Mulkey - University of California-Berkeley. Sachi is pursuing her graduate degree in the School of Journalism.

  • Vidya Muthupillai - George Washington University. Vidya is in her second year, majoring  in Political Science with a concentration in International Environmental Studies.

  • Tiya Cantrell - Tuskegee University. Tiya is a senior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Public Policy.

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Hub Content

Roy Pfaltzgraff uses sustainable soil health practices on his farm in Haxtun, Colorado. (Eric Forbes)

Planet Forward Correspondent | Colorado State University, Center for Science Communication
Colorado farmer, Roy Pfaltzgraff, reflects on the challenges he faces as a farmer, how he has adapted, and the importance of consumers understanding food production.

Moses Thompson walks down the garden beds at Tucson High School. (Photos by Halley Hughes/University of Arizona)

Planet Forward Sr. Correspondent | University of Arizona
A school garden in Tucson are planting seeds of resilience within its children, sprouting reconnection to their heritage, our globe's complex food web, and the challenges of climate change.
A vegan margherita pizza from Donna Jean's.

Donna Jean's "Killer Queen" pizza. (Leslie Patinsky Funabashi/Courtesy Donna Jean)

Planet Forward Correspondent | Arizona State University
From a classic Jewish deli, to a charming date-night spot, to a punk rock food truck, join me on a tour of some of San Diego's best and most sustainable vegan food restaurants. 

Shoreline cliffs at Royal National Park, New South Wales, Australia. (Photos by Joshua Rosenstein/Middlebury College)

Planet Forward Correspondent | Middlebury College
Royal National Park provides a compelling example of how national parks around the world can better preserve Indigenous cultures.

Tyrell McClain holds up a clump of soil on McGinley Ranch while discussing the high biodiversity under the surface of the ground on September 17, 2022. (Dr. Imani Cheers/Planet Forward)

Planet Forward Correspondent | George Washington University
An interview with Vice President of Ranch Operations at Turner Enterprises, Mark Kossler, about the benefits, challenges, and future of sustainable agriculture.
A bright blue sky stands behind towering mountains carved deep in the center by ancient glaciers. On the right a bright orange life jacket and camera lens are visible of a photographer capturing the scene aboard a small boat. Blue-green water is immediately in the foreground.

Ancient glaciers carved this canyon in Tracy Arm Fjord thousands of years ago. Our group sailed via Zodiac to the glacier’s face. (Halley Hughes/University of Arizona)

Planet Forward Sr. Correspondent | University of Arizona
An expedition with Lindblad in Southeast Alaska shows the realities of climate change and uncovers the mysteries behind the "language" of rocks.

(Halley Hughes/University of Arizona)

Planet Forward Sr. Correspondent | University of Arizona
Storyfest 2022 traveler Halley Hughes gives her thoughts on the trip to Alaska with Lindblad Expeditions, from wildlife to plant life — and what new inspirations she found.
Man in cap stands on a pier holding a fishing rod, the line of which is cast into a body of blue water under a blue sky with white clouds.

Fisherman Mark Brooks fishes off the Sunshine Skyway North Pier. Mark is just one example of how fishing fosters community and sustainability. (Carter Weinhofer/Eckerd College)

Planet Forward Sr. Correspondent | Eckerd College
With an increasing demand for waterfront properties and the growing impact of climate change, fishing communities are in danger; but, the societal and economic roles filled by fishing are irreplaceable.
Planet Forward Sr. Correspondent | University of Arizona
A multitude of unexpected benefits have sprouted after water was added to a river in Tucson, creating an explosion of desert biodiversity.
A roundabout in the middle of a paved street.

This roundabout is a type of green stormwater infrastructure, that collects stormwater for plants and people (Halley Hughes/University of Arizona).

Planet Forward Sr. Correspondent | University of Arizona
As Arizona looks to options to redress a life-threatening change in water availability, Tucson may prove to be an oasis and an example to other cities.