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Tuesday, April 22, 2014
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Salvation Army
I would like to present an idea that I think would be of great interest to your viewers. It involves a technology that many people have heard exists, but never seems to make it to market: that of hydrogen supplementation to increase fuel mileage.
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How to make a cool video
George Washington University
We profile three schools that are working toward more sustainable college campuses. WATCH
Planet Forward
You've met innovator Jamie Hestekin, NOW meet the machine. The one that turns dried algae into butanol. In this innovator update, Jamie's team of students at the University of Arkansas put the machine back together and explain their steps.
The George Washington University
Planet Forward checks in with Innovator of the Year, Jamie Hestekin of the University of Arkansas. We ask him about his plan for the next year, his goals, and challenges he faces in building an automated machine that converts algae to butanol.
University of Arkanasas
Meet Jamie Hestekin and the University of Arkansas algae-to-butanol team. We'll follow Jamie and his crew over the next year and see if they can automate their butanol machine and help make algae fuel a reality, or if they'll slip
City of Fayetteville, Arkansas
Every city and community is unique. It is unique in environmental conditions, culture and heritage, and in its people. That is why each city should use their existing resources; human, natural, and intellectual; to develop adaptive policies and... Read More
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Jamie Hestekin and a team of students at the University of Arkansas are converting algae into fuel. They’re hard at work on a prototype machine that, with the press of a button, will let small farmers and other business owners convert algae into... Read More
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Spring is always an exciting time in Washington, DC.  Cherry Blossoms bloom, the tourists return to the national mall, and the EPA P3 contest is back. Yes, the P3 contest!  The Environmental Protection Agency's "People, Prospetity, and the Planet"... Read More