The University of Mississippi - Spring 2013

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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Journalism students at the University of Mississippi have taken a look around their campus and their community to find examples of everyday sustainability and green programs that are changing the way the university and its students live their everyday lives.

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Hub Content

How can recycling glass help improve our community and it's future? This video explains how the recycling/re-use of glass can help improve our safety on the roads in our community as well as reduce the heat island effect that is common in most urban... Read More
This video explains how the hydration stations at Ole Miss called Aqua Rebel work and how Ole Miss is using them in inovative ways. It features students who use Aqua Rebel and how it has helped them reduce the number of plastic water bottles they... Read More
Landfills use a combination of machinery that sucks methane out of trash, transports it across the landfill through pipes and then converts it to useable clean energy.
I went to the Medicinal Plant Garden located at the University of Mississippi to get a tour of their new energy-efficient building. The building has been named the greenest on campus and features multiple new additions. From the pavement to the... Read More
At the University of Mississipppi, game day is now a green day! After starting an initiative to increase recycling, the school says it now collects one to two tons of recycling after each football game! This not only reduces the school's... Read More