Solar Decathlon 2011

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Every two years, collegiate teams compete to win a unique home contest: whose team can build a house that is completely solar powered, affordable and attractive to boot? Check out our coverage of the 2011 Solar Decathlon, including coverage from the students of team #THINKFWD and universities around the country.

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The George Washington University
Team First Light from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand travelled thousands of miles to present their solar house, based on a traditional Kiwi holiday home. Bede Robertson and Nick Officer, two of the 26 students involved in the... Read More
US Department of Energy
Richard King, DOE's Director of the Solar Decathlon, talks to Planet Forward about one smart community in Kansas and how if the housing market has got you down your best bet is to retrofit.
The George Washington University
This student team from last year’s Solar Decathlon contest are working to create a “penthouse with a purpose” in New York City. The solar pods are built on top of existing apartment buildings, which helps solve energy, infrastructure, and... Read More
The George Washington University
California schools SCI-Arc and Caltech team up to make CHIP (Compact Hyper-Insulated Prototype). The student-run team uses this prefab, net-zero solar-powered house to rethink what a "home" should look like in this energy conscious age. Want to keep... Read More
The George Washington University
The University of Maryland's Watershed home took first place at the Solar Decathlon 2011. See what innovations took them straight to the top!
Environmental and Energy Study Institute
This year's Solar Decathlon was big on zero-energy homes and innovation. Watch and learn more on how different teams from all over the world created the balance between practicality and efficiency necessary for a net-zero home.
The George Washington University
Purdue University brought their green design, the INhome, to the 2011 Solar Decathlon in Washington DC. They turn a typical midwestern home into an energy efficient and sustainable dwelling...but with a twist.
The George Washington University
Team New Jersey, a collaboration of Rutgers University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology, built the ENJOY house. This house is the first entry to the competition built from concrete. Want to keep track of Team ThinkFWD? Team ThinkFWD is a... Read More
Together I worked with another student, Jon Fenech, to cover the Empowerhouse team throughout the Solar Decathlon.  The team consisted of Parsons, Milano and Stevens Institute of Technology.
E-cube meets the needs of today with room to spare. The only solar decathlete with a two story design, E-cube literally stands out above the rest.