Planet Forward Storyfest 2017 Entries

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Forgotten animals are still disappearing

Forgotten animals are still disappearing. (Luca Silveira/GWU)

The George Washington University
Endangered species are often overlooked as an environmental issue, however this infographic is meant to concisely show why this issue needs attention and how to take action in your day-to-day life.
Umpqua Community College
Oregon’s Port Orford Sustainable Seafood and the CS Fishery in the Port of Garibaldi are pioneering a new fishing model to revolutionize the way consumers think about the ethical and environmental impacts of the seafood they eat.
Middlebury College
Building the sustainable home through the reconstructing the nature of being.
We are facing an energy crisis, however the brilliant scientists of the world have found a solution.

(Kelly Fagan)

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
I want you all to imagine a world where tall smokestacks didn’t fill the sky with gray clouds of pollution, where forests weren’t clear cut for food and turned into wasteland, where animals as well as their habitats were not objectified, tortured... Read More
A short project on the danger of sugar and salt consumption.
A short project on the danger of sugar and salt consumption.
George Washington University
This is a short film where a young woman learns what her ordinary snack looks like in terms of sugar and salt. This is a PSA short.
George Washington University
Local startups Handy Bikes DC and Aurora Smart Technologies are striving to address safety concerns and innovate cycling in the district.
George Washington University
Southern California produces a sizable country of the nation's produce, yet the community has a sizable proportion of its residents who are food insecure; Food Forward is a new NGO that recovers and redistributes food to hunger relief organizations... Read More
You have all seen the Lion King right? Well if not, you haven’t seen the dynamic duo Timon and Pumbaa, a meerkat and warthog. These guys chow down on insects that are found wherever they go and eat them as if they were a delicacy, but that’s the... Read More

(Chrispopovic/Creative Commons)

The best example of sustainability in action I know is the social network that is the bicycling community in my hometown of Pittsburgh.