November Salon Women and Girls: Nourishing the Planet in the Face of Climate Change

Salon #2 ­ November 5, 2014
The George Washington University
8:30-10:30am ET

Women and Girls: Nourishing the Planet in the Face of Climate Change
Women comprise a majority of the agricultural labor force in developing countries, yet they lack equal access to resources, land, technology, mobility and decision ­making. Dependent on natural resources that are adversely affected by extreme weather and environmental degradation, women face special vulnerabilities in agriculture and food security.

This salon identified how women are disproportionately affected by climate change and investigated policies, practices and tools that improve access and education, address social and economic barriers, and empower women and girls.


Key Questions:
● How does climate change and weather volatility affect women disproportionately in developing countries?
● What are some of the adaptation and mitigation technologies that most improve the lives of women and the poor?
● How can we empower and invest in women and girls to create opportunities that improve livelihoods and buffer the impact of climate change?
● How can we better communicate these challenges and opportunities with government, private sector and the public?



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