Climate Innovations

As vital climate talks are conducted in Paris, citizens, scientists and others are inventing new ways to "move the planet forward."

Here are some of the innovative ideas surrounding climate change solutions we've featured on Planet Forward:

3 Cities Fighting on the Front Lines Against Climate Change

Arcadia Power Cleans Up Energy - Across the Country

Advanced Biofuels are the Key to our Energy Future

DC Climathon Tackles Food Waste Problem

Denmark's Hidden Heating Network

Drought Compels California Tech Companies to Innovate on Water Conservation

How Can Technology Help us be Climate Smart

Innovative Ideas, Both Big and Small, to Solve the Drought Crisis

And don't miss this piece by Planet Forward senior writer Mike Hower, looking at the 4 Hurdles to a Climate Change Treaty at COP21.

(Image at top: See the full infographic explaining COP21. Source: COP21.)

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Planet Forward
The clock is ticking at the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris, also known as COP21.
Sewanee: University of the South
What may be the cleanest and most effective way to heat cities is something you've probably never heard of: a process called district heating, or DH.
Senior Writer, Planet Forward
Despite the recent tragedy, in a matter of weeks world leaders will converge on Paris for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference.
Senior Writer, Planet Forward
In the battle against climate change, cities pose both the greatest challenge and opportunity. We look at three cities taking strong action to counter climate change.
Senior Writer, Planet Forward
Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés had recently vanquished Mexico the last time California’s snowpack was as low as it is today. The Sierra Nevada mountains, which provides the parched state with up to a third of its water supply, is at its lowest... Read More
Planet Forward, The George Washington University
The drought has become an increasingly important issue to Californians — and the country as a whole. Here are some of the innovative ways people are finding clean, potable water. 
Planet Forward, The George Washington University
Climate-KIC (Knowledge & Innovation Community), Europe’s main climate innovation initiative, recently hosted “hackathons” simultaneously in 16 cities around the world. D.C.'s event was at GW.
A World Bank video on the Climate-Smart Agriculture concept
A World Bank video on the Climate-Smart Agriculture concept
The George Washington University
  Our climate is shifting. Our population is growing. Our world is changing in ways we could never imagine. In this time of upheaval, one question keeps coming up: how will we feed the planet? The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization says it’s... Read More
Senior Policy Advisor Michael McAdams of Holland & Knight LLP discusses how biofuels are a key innovation for our energy future. He discusses primarily the importance of synthetic biology, gasification, and hydro-prossesing, and how each type of... Read More