Climate Change and My Hometown

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We talk about climate change in abstract terms most of the time: tons of carbon, invisible emissions, and the future 100 years from now. Climate change, though, is already here, and its affecting us where we live.

Eleven students at George Washington University examined the 2014 National Climate Assessment, took a good look at what was going on back home, and now they're sharing the stories of how climate change is hitting their hometowns, their families and their memories.

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The George Washington University
Nothing reminds me of home like Rosedale Park. Whether it was going on fall picnics with my family, fishing at the lake with my grandfather, or running through piles of multicolored leaves during fall cross-country races, Rosedale has served as the... Read More
The George Washington University Student
The National Climate Assessment predicts a 70% increase in precipitation which will lead to more frequent and dangerous storms in the Northeast region. How prepared are you?
George Washington University
What might happen to your favorite food in the face of climate change? 
George Washington University
I’m from a small town called Eastchester, New York, just north of New York City. For me, climate change could mean no more farmers' markets with my Grandmother after Sunday mass.
The National Climate Assessment gives us a preview of devastation and what might happen in the Great Plains states with continued climate change.
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
The effects of climate change on our communities -- a look at the Madison, WI Farmer's Market.
The George Washington Universtiy
Climate change can mean more insects that carry disease - can we adapt for our health and our future?
The George Washington University
Rising temperatures mean more trouble for Florida's economy and coastline. 
The George Washington University
I am a product of the Pacific Northwest. I love to hike, bike, compost, teach yoga, run (particularly in the rain) and snowboard. The Tree House, my family cabin in the Cascade Mountains, is my respite where I can spend days outdoors doing all of my... Read More
The George Washington University
Scientists are scrambling to protect a national laboratory from a surprising threat that will affect us all.