Choose Your Media


All stories are uniquely suited to different media, so it’s important to consider the differences between each and decide what suits your story best. Here are some basic guidelines you can use to choose he best media for your story. 

Think about your story - what makes it unique, what makes it interesting? How can you emphasize and elevate those most interesting parts?


  • Does your story include an interesting visual? A visual with movement? Or, a visual that cannot easily be described with words?

  • Is your character someone that needs to be on camera to fully understand their story?


  • You have a really compelling interviewee, their voice needs to be heard! Do they have an incredible accent? Does the emotion come through their voice?

  • The story cannot come across just with words, but does not necessarily need the visual element of video.


  • Your story is data driven.

  • Your story may focus on two clear opposing sides.

  • Your story needs graphics to explain a complex topic.


  • Your story is long and more complex.

  • Your story and reader would benefit from written explanations. 


Remember: these are just basic guidelines. If you like video, make a video. Do what you like to do.​


Which media suits your story best?