Amazing examples of storytelling in all media

Here are a few of my favorite examples of amazing environmental storytelling to help inspire you to create!


This American Life tells compelling stories by taking a new perspective on a theme. 

RadioLab focuses on the intersection of science and human experiences told through stories. 

Science Vs breaks down complicated science topics into easy to understand and interesting stories. 


Vice - Toxic Garbage Island

Vox - Climate Change: Yep, Still Happening

National Geographic - A Spoon You Can Eat is a Tasty Alternative to Waste

Grist - Environmental Justice, Explained



Food, Inc.


A Fierce Green Fire

Written pieces

Vox, "The ludicrous gulf between our climate change goals and reality, in one chart"

FiveThirtyEight, "We Use A Whole Bunch Of Energy Every Summer (And A Lot Of It Goes To Waste)"

Think Progress, "Most Americans Won’t Act On Climate. The News Probably Isn’t Helping."

The New York Times, "Looking, Quickly, for the Fingerprints of Climate Change"

Grist, "It’ll be hard to toast to the end of the world without champagne"

Mother Jones, "The EPA Just Announced New Rules to Clean Up Our Air"


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climate reality infographic.png


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