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University of Georgia's Grady College offers undergraduate degrees in advertising, entertainment and media studies, journalism and public relations, along with certificates in new media, public affairs communications and sports media. Grady also offers three graduate degrees; a master’s and doctoral program of study plus a Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts in Narrative Media Writing. Grady is a leader in journalism research and education and is home to several prominent centers and institutes, including the Peabody Awards, recognized as the most prestigious award in electronic journalism, and the National Press Photographers Association

UGA also has a strong commitment to sustainability. The UGA Office of Sustainability, established in 2010, coordinates, communicates, and advances initiatives in teaching, research, service, student engagement, and campus operations. In alignment with UGA's Great Commitments to create healthier populations; stronger, more resilient communities; and a safer, more secure future for all; our sustainability initiatives provide meaningful experiential learning for students and valuable support for the communities we serve. 

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The author stands a on surfboard while riding a wave.

Riding a wave at Pavones, Costa Rica. (Photos courtesy of Alyssa Milstead unless otherwise noted)

University of Georgia

The ridge on my parent's property in Georgia where my sister and I went on many adventures. (Kate Monday)

University of Georgia
A small wooden bridge and pathway are lined by green trees in Cornelia City Park, Georgia.

One of my favorite places to go in Cornelia, Georgia. This photo was taken in Summer, 2022 on a warm Sunday afternoon. (Hannah Woodward)

University of Georgia
A row of colorful houses along a picturesque canal in Denmark. Sailboats are docked along the canal edge.

(Jorge Franganillo/flickr)

University of Georgia