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The University of Florida has a special obligation to meet the challenges of sustainability for three interrelated reasons. First, as educators we play a leading role in training the scientific, social, political, and cultural leaders, professionals and policy-makers who will make a difference in the world. Second, we consume significant resources here on campus. Third, the students we educate and socialize at UF will have major environmental impacts as consumers and conservers when they leave campus with the knowledge and skills we impart. Whether the world is a better or worse place when our students become its citizens, parents, and leaders will be, in no small part, a function of the values, knowledge and skills they receive here.

To achieve the goal of a sustainable UF, we are committed to encouraging and facilitating the collaborative efforts of faculty, students, and staff to generate knowledge, acquire skills, develop values, and initiate practices that contribute to a sustainable, high quality of life on campus, in the state of Florida, and across the globe. In keeping with this commitment, the UF Office of Sustainability brought together representatives of diverse stakeholder groups across our campus to develop a collaborative vision for campus sustainability. 

UF also hosts One World: The Challenge 2050 Project, which aims to develop human capacity to meet the needs associated with a population projected to exceed 9.6 billion by the year 2050.

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