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The University of Connecticut is committed to leadership in campus sustainability. This commitment is clearly exemplified in the depth and breadth of the environmental initiatives that the University has undertaken. These initiatives are motivated and driven by several departments, committees, task forces, and working groups, many of which are led by the Office of Environmental Policy (OEP) and overseen by the Environmental Policy Advisory Council (EPAC). In recognition of these efforts, the UConn has been ranked in the top ten of the Sierra Club ‘Coolest School’ Survey of more than 2,000 schools, with a ranking of #8 in 2021. Additionally, all incoming students are now required to a pass a three-hour Environmental Literacy (EL) course enabling them to understand, and articulate perspectives on, the interactions between human society and the natural world, as well as the challenges of environmental stewardship.

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A handful of people walk down a street next to a large wall that extends into the distance. Logos and advertisements for COP27 cover the entire length of the wall.

Walking to the COP27 Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. (Claire Lee)

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Each basketball season, UConn's Office of Sustainability and UConn Athletics partner to host a Green Game Day at Gampel Pavilion to promote recycling and engage with the community. (Maggie Singman)

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