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The University of Connecticut is committed to leadership in campus sustainability. This commitment is clearly exemplified in the depth and breadth of the environmental initiatives that the University has undertaken. These initiatives are motivated and driven by several departments, committees, task forces, and working groups, many of which are led by the Office of Environmental Policy (OEP) and overseen by the Environmental Policy Advisory Council (EPAC). In recognition of these efforts, the UConn has been ranked in the top ten of the Sierra Club ‘Coolest School’ Survey of more than 2,000 schools, with a ranking of #8 in 2021. Additionally, all incoming students are now required to a pass a three-hour Environmental Literacy (EL) course enabling them to understand, and articulate perspectives on, the interactions between human society and the natural world, as well as the challenges of environmental stewardship.

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A small white boat rests buoyed on clear, blue-green waters under a cloudy blue sky with a gentle mountain in the distance.

The shores of Pointe d'Esny, Mauritus, as seen from Île aux Aigrettes, one of the most prominent reserves in the Indian Ocean, on July 21, 2022. Almost two years prior, this water was blackened by an oil spill from the MV Wakashio. (Zoey England/University of Connecticut)

University of Connecticut
Four people stand in front of blue walls with the UN Climate Change Conference 2021 logo.

From right to left: Moderator Shardul Tiwari and YEAH Fellows Alexis Pascaris, Jacob Genuise and Amanda Pastore. (Dr. Gillian Bowser/Colorado State University)

University of Connecticut
A selfie of a group of young people

University of Connecticut's COP26 cohort pauses for a photo on the streets of Glasgow. (Scott Wallace/University of Connecticut)

University of Connecticut