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Sewanee's office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability (ESS) is responsible for shepherding the University’s commitment to sustainable living on campus and the environmentally sound management and educational use of its 13,000 acre landbase, the Domain. 

ESS is responsible for the long-term planning, support, and coordination of curricular and co-curricular activities across the Domain while ensuring its safe access and use. 

As outlined in university's Sustainability Master Plan, ESS has engaged a process to help Sewanee achieve a broad array of sustainability goals that cut across all aspects of campus life including: energy, food, water, buildings, materials management, transportation, socially responsible investments, and the curricular engagement of these challenges. 

ESS also is responsible for the management of the University Farm which is a magnet for students that want to understand holistic approaches to farming, get their hands in the soil, care for food-producing animals, and provide food for the dining hall. 

The university also hosts Sustainability Fellows — undergraduates who promote sustainability and environmental stewardship on campus, in the community, and throughout the country. Each semester, members choose a project or issue to work on, ranging from water sustainability to environmental education to energy efficiency. Members meet each week to discuss progress and provide support. The group also maintains the Sustain Sewanee news webpage and facebook page. To learn more about this group, contact Ethan Burns.

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