Fort Lewis College

Environmental sustainability is integral to our mission and values at Fort Lewis College. We weave sustainable practices into our operations, and we establish environmentally focused initiatives built on foresight and long-term strategy. Additionally, our students can choose from a variety of academic paths to develop the skills to become leaders in sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Learn more about our many sustainability efforts or other for you to contribute to creating an even greener campus, including our Environmental Center.

Fort Lewis College is a campus community unique in its cultural diversity. With 177 Native American tribes and Alaska Native villages represented in its student body—a student body that is 41% Native American and Alaska Native—ours is a college campus with an outstanding mix of indigeneity, within a broader range of cultural diversity.

Our faculty educate themselves on their students’ experiences of learning. They incorporate student backgrounds, cultures, and the historical context of education today into the ways they teach. Fort Lewis faculty are engaged in a wide range of research projects throughout the sciences and the humanities, but at the core, we are a small institution that prides itself on personalized learning.

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