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At Colorado State University, sustainability is foundational to who we are. As a land-grant university, we’re compelled to steward, conserve, and protect the world around us. It's central to everything we do - from academics, research, and operations to outreach. It's an ongoing mission that we embrace together.

Research and academic rigor frame how we think about sustainability, but it’s action that transforms theory into reality. From energy resources to waste management, sustainability is at the core of the University’s infrastructure.

At CSU, we're busy building tomorrow and our people are our power. Together, we're growing a legacy that will serve generations to come.

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When the Cameron Peak Fire raged over the summer, it was obvious that the air quality was not safe in Northern Colorado. But air quality concerns aren't always as visually noticeable. (Photo by Jennifer Clary)

Colorado State University

(Photo by Sven-Olof Lindblad)

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