Air moves, windmill spins, electricity is generated. Simple right? Not so fast: the Planet Forward community looks at this critical piece of the renewable energy mix from new and often surprising perspectives.

Iowa's next Secretary of Agriculture Francis Thicke explains his vision for independent energy for Iowa farms
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On Thursday Portland General Electric Co. (PGE) announced plans to purchase development rights to the
It’s a green energy dream. The sun shines all day and the wind blows constantly. But alternative energy is the last thing you might expect, here in Afghanistan’s war-torn Panjshir Valley. Yet after three decades of violence tragedy and destruction,... Read More
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On the one hand, it's a positive sign for renewable fans... a small family business making a go of it in solar and wind power. This Long Island family has been installing small-scale solar and wind energy packages in back yards, reducing homeowner’s... Read More
Mountaintop wind farms not good for the ecology
Placing one or more unobtrusive small wind generating devices on the roof of a garage or any building to turn only when there is wind power to compress air to be used later seems reasonable to me. Air compressors are common in garages where... Read More
Place small wind electric producing generators for such minor needs such as charging batteries for electric vehicles and use in homes. A simple wind turbine all around you. Alternative energy green job training. Wind power.
Well, I guess the Department of Interior can't be TOO mad at BP. They destroy the Gulf and what does our brilliant government do? Reward them with tax breaks to build an environmentally unfriendly wind farm. More here: [Federal Register: July 26,... Read More