Air moves, windmill spins, electricity is generated. Simple right? Not so fast: the Planet Forward community looks at this critical piece of the renewable energy mix from new and often surprising perspectives.

The BioWinol Technologies process uses sequestered CO2 plus wind energy to generate H2 and then converts these gases into ethanol and other industrial products.
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The news that residents in Eastern Oregon are trying to halt production of a new wind farm because of health concerns over noise, lights, stress reminds me of similar, community-related issues occurring around the country related to wind energy.
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Sailboats have been around forever, even when man thought the Earth was flat...So its time to update this Old Technology. My idea is to replace the sails with a Vertical Wind Generator. Not only would you eliminate all the work fooling with the... Read More
Do you know where your electricity comes from? Have you ever wanted to visit the source? The electricity for John Fischer's company Sticker Giant, comes from 100% wind power via Xcel Energy. John wanted to see where his power was generated, so he... Read More
Build wind farm, 45 units, (plus water source) to manufacture hydrogen via hydrogen generator, to fuel gas turbine engine generators to produce electricity to provide to electrical grid. No wind, battery storage banks. Excess hydrogen supply, store... Read More
Despite costs falling by over 80% in recent years, wind energy is still a prohibitive industry.
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This is a monster project. I can't help but be inspired at the audacity of this concept. Google's 37.5% stake notwithstanding, it will be fascinating to watch the social, financial, and political churn generated by this development, if and when it... Read More This is of particular interest for a lot of reasons, both at a national level and state level. In the upper Midwest, plans to design offshore wind farms in the... Read More
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Remember that wind farm in Oregon I wrote about last week? Portland General Electric just purchased the project and were attempting to bypass an Oregon law requiring competitive bidding. Now, those plans and the entire project seem to be brought to... Read More