Air moves, windmill spins, electricity is generated. Simple right? Not so fast: the Planet Forward community looks at this critical piece of the renewable energy mix from new and often surprising perspectives.

Retired from USDA
Here are my thoughts. Those huge windmills use wind to create energy. A typical car has shafts or axles connected to the wheels and when the wheels turn, the car moves. Now, what if we use the windmill concept on a miniature scale to create a self-... Read More
Our idea is to create a smart grid system to enhance and improve the energy infrastructure. Watch the video and learn all about the smart grid technology! Also check out the KU EcoHawks website to learn about all the great work happening at The... Read More
UNL School of Natural Resources
The small town of Petersburg, Nebraska is being revitalized by new investments in wind energy in the area. New jobs are attracting young people back to the community and garnering the support of local naysayers.
Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Critical materials, including rare earth elements (REE) and strategic metals, are essential for technologies used in a variety of applications such as cell phones, computers, cars, airplanes, batteries, and renewable energy systems – and therefore... Read More
National Science Foundation
We just launched a new partnership with NSF to bring you the Science Corner, where you can get all the science you need. See wind energy explained in this first piece!
Wendie Holland, 58, a healthcare consultant, was conscious of her rising energy bills and increased environmental impact.  In an eco-conscious attempt to reduce her carbon footprint, Ms. Holland planned to erect a 132-foot windmill in her backyard... Read More
In the valleys of Appalachia, a battle is being fought over a mountain. It is a battle with severe consequences that affect every American, regardless of their social status, economic background or where they live. It is a battle that has taken... Read More
The fight between Edison and Tesla continues. AC adapters or AC to DC Inverters? the idea is to have a dual-power-type grid system. Xolargy is consultant group who specialise in alternative energy problem solving and design solutions studio. These... Read More
The FiveCities group from The George Washington University's Urban Sustainability class  found that American cities are implementing sustainable practices in a variety of are just a few.