Minnesota 2020
The 1972 Clean Water Act requires states to monitor river and lake health by measuring and reporting basic environmental data. That's quite a challenge in the land of 10,000 lakes, so every year the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency recruits... Read More
Minnesota 2020
Heating water eats up a lot of energy. In Minnesota, the colder climate puts even more demand on hot water systems. However, the state's potential for solar energy can help offset that negative. Recently, Ramsey County's Law Enforcement Center... Read More
Minnesota 2020
Leaky faucets and toilets in homes add up to escalating water bills and are a nuisance for water conservation. It's known that slight problems with basic plumbing can often go unfixed by the elderly, low-income folks, and people with disabilities.... Read More
A brief introduction to the process of water supply of the Cutzamala Water Supply System to the Valley of Mexico. Energy Technology & Policy Spring 2013, Dr. Michael Webber, UT Austin.
This video gives an overview of the costs and benefits of bottled water. Energy Technology & Policy Spring 2013, Dr. Michael Webber, UT Austin.
Planet Forward, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
Have an innovation that's helping solve the world's most pressing issues? Ocean Exchange is holding their Fall Exchange in Savannah, Georgia this year and is looking for solutions. This year's theme is "Leap to Zero+," a call for innovations that... Read More
Biogenic Reagents is a producer of high-performance carbon products made from renewable resources and produced with renewable energy.  Biogenic Reagents’ specialty products include activated carbons that are used to purify air, water, food and... Read More
This video explains how the hydration stations at Ole Miss called Aqua Rebel work and how Ole Miss is using them in inovative ways. It features students who use Aqua Rebel and how it has helped them reduce the number of plastic water bottles they... Read More
This week, Planet Forward looks into Robojelly, a fascinating and sustainable ocean research innovation, designed by Dr. Shashank Priya and his research team at Virginia Tech.
Some really cool robots are underwater! Shashank Priya, associate professor in mechanical engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, explains the small robot jellyfish, Robojelly. Researchers at Virginia Tech and the University of... Read More