Urban Sustainability

Cities are the sustainable hub of the future, where over 80 percent of our population will eventually live. If we can't make cities sustainable, we can't make the world sustainable.

Planet Forward
At last week’s Innovation Summit, DC Mayor Vincent Gray said that he would make the city  “fossil-free” by 2030. Yesterday, he released his vision for a “Sustainable DC,” and how we would get there. Although he didn’t reiterate the goal of becoming... Read More
Planet Forward
As international treaties and federal policy-making stall, cities are taking the initiative, fostering innovation and fueling competition, all in the interest of adapting to climate change. The impacts of a changing planet aren’t theoretical for... Read More
This team of researchers says that the United States’ large energy grid will not be able to handle an influx of new technology, like electric vehicles. They are developing ways for the grid to not only be able to provide EVs with electricity, but... Read More
Planet Forward
Pedestrians and cyclists can breathe easier on Washington, DC’s streets, according to Mayor Vincent Gray, because of what he describes as a plan to “cover the entire city” with traffic cameras. Cameras slow down traffic, and slower cars would make... Read More
Minnesota 2020
Minneapolis-based Project for Pride in Living ppl-inc.org strives to transform economic value in discarded consumer materials (mainly plastic bags and mattresses) while investing in the economic potential of people have fallen through the cracks in... Read More
UNSW Australia
Researchers in Australia have created a way to turn old plastic bags and rubber tires into steel! The process not only reduces the amount of waste thrown into landfils, but makes steel production less expensive and more energy-efficient.
Although you can fish for salmon in the Great Lakes, us Midwesterners consider them a delicacy. Restaurants fly them in daily from the Eastern Seaboard and Norway. Rarely ever do we eat a Lake Michigan salmon—especially at a fair price. I grew up... Read More
National Geographic and Planet Forward
[gallery columns="5"] Yale's Great Energy Blog, launching today on the Great Energy Blog, is where students from across the university will answer a question we pose to them. This week:
Planet Forward
By Victoria Riess, Haley Lesavoy, and Mark Abramson. A short video documentary highlighting education provided by nonprofit Casey Trees at the elementary level and the impact it has on our environment's future. Casey Trees was established to... Read More