Planet Forward Member ideas to make the path from Point A to Point B a lot greener.

Facing some of the most intractable foreign policy situations of his term, President Barack Obama is looking inward. In a major speech on March 30th, Obama outlined his plan to reduce oil imports by a third over the next decade and a half while... Read More
Planet Forward
Republican Representative Roscoe Bartlett of Maryland was the first member of Congress to own a hybrid vehicle! Bartlett discusses the benefits of electric vehicles, the challenges of implementing an EV market, and why the private sector holds the... Read More
undergraduate student
Step-less transmission systems that can be incorporated into existing tractors and harvesters, eliminating the need for gears and gear boxes in the power train. A simple arrangement of two variable diameter pulleys connected by one angular contact... Read More
Pew Environment Group
In its latest report, "Global Clean Power: A $2.3 Trillion Opportunity," the Pew Environment Group describes profound economic gains over the next decade for countries and regions in the G-20 that enact clean energy policies. The report highlights... Read More
Critical materials, including rare earth elements (REE) and strategic metals, are essential for technologies used in a variety of applications such as cell phones, computers, cars, airplanes, batteries, and renewable energy systems – and therefore... Read More
undergraduate student
Arjun is an undergraduate student of Mechanical Engineering at the Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Anna University Chennai. His idea could revolutionize tractors, windmills and water pumps--any device that requires an engine. Watch>>
A solar charge, human powered, all-terrain vehicle.
Don Dunklee has created a scooter that can really reinvent the way we get around! He is about to return to Mott Community College and U of M Flint's Earth Day this year. He gives talks on his scooter and the potential for living off the grid. In... Read More
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Planet Forward member Dan Gray shares an innovation that goes from the fryer to the racetrack. Do you think this idea can be supersized? Watch>>