Planet Forward Member ideas to make the path from Point A to Point B a lot greener.

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For the EPA's P3 research design competition these students from the University of Tennessee worked on an electric vehicle project. Their electric vehicle can go 30 miles on a single charge for the cost of 25 cents.
Magnetic bars across roadways and pick-up coils in bottoms of cars. Coils of wire cutting magnetic lines of force generates electricity to recharge battery packs. No need to stop at recharging stations. Charge while you drive. Magnets can be... Read More
University of Florida
The experience of Walt Disney in his first venture in California taught him that only through a well-planned, efficient flow of people and traffic could success be achieved. He realized that what he had tested and proved in his theme parks was... Read More
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Have you driven an EV and noticed how quickly it accelerates from rest? Cartoonist Mitch Butler explains the phenomenon in Planet Forward's PBS Special.
Planet Forward
Al Dahlberg is building coalitions to create infrastructure for electric vehicles. Hoping to solve the chicken-and-egg problem of EV’s (which comes first, the car or the ability to charge it?), Dahlberg is encouraging local governments and... Read More
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Governor Jennifer M. Granholm discusses Michigan's role in the electric automotive industry. Efforts in state to produce vehicles and batteries are stimulating the electrification of the vehicle while creating jobs.
Congressman, New York
Congressman Steve Israel of New York's 2nd District talks about our energy future. See what he thinks will be the energy game changer and set your DVR's because New York and New Jersey, Planet Forward's Energy of Innovation PBS special is coming to... Read More
United States Senate
Senator Lamar Alexander caught up with Planet Forward at ARPA-E to talk about our energy future. He also talks about his state,Tennessee, and the way they are incorporating electric vehicles. In Tennessee, Nissan is working hard to produce the leaf... Read More
Planet Forward
Senator Udall (D-Co) discusses electric vehicles as the key to our energy future. Senator Udall comments on the electric car industry and market as driving forces in job creation, as well as the keys to better national security.
In a co-production with NOVA Science Now, QUEST explores the potential of algae once considered nothing more than pond scum to become the fuel of the future. Entrepreneurs from the Bay Area to LA are working to create the next generation of biofuels... Read More