Planet Forward Member ideas to make the path from Point A to Point B a lot greener.

Our idea is to create a smart grid system to enhance and improve the energy infrastructure. Watch the video and learn all about the smart grid technology! Also check out the KU EcoHawks website to learn about all the great work happening at The... Read More
Planet Forward
Students at Gonzaga University are working on a machine that can make fuel pellets out of corn stover and animal waste as a project for the EPA's P3 research competition.
Ole Miss
Rebel Pedals is a bicycle sharing program that promotes a clean and green campus at The University of Mississippi. Rebel Pedals is a wonderful aspect of the Ole Miss campus. We feel that other colleges could learn from our campus and hopefully join... Read More
Self-employed agent of New England Restaurant Brokers
Electric vehicles with onboard generation capability (like the Volt) represent flexible, adaptable, easily modified transportation craft.
University of Mississippi
This video looks at the sustainability issues that the city of Oxford, Miss., Pathway's Commission are trying to correct before the vision 2020 project goes into effect. The video explains how the city of Oxford and the university are making... Read More
Bicyclists need own separate elevated highways of their own crisscrossing towns and cities as well as out in the open linking to other metropolitan centers. If there is a mountain range ahead, bore a level tunnel right through it, which is not so... Read More
National Science Foundation
Last night on Bloomberg West we showed you City Car, a car that’s in a league of its own! These shareable electric cars can stack together like shopping carts, so they take up less space and also make getting around cities easier and more... Read More
National Science Foundation
How do we harness the power of hydrogen and turn it into useable energy? This episode of Green Revolution talks to scientists who are up for the hydrogen energy challenge.
Planet Forward
As part of the EPA's P3 competition, Michael Golub from the University of Alaska Fairbanks is working on an electric ATV that is powered by renewables.