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Just tweaking what we do now will not work. My idea is to start over with a franchised city plan and grow the cities of the future like an organism. It is impossible for me to put what I've been working on into just one of these categories. There... Read More
This week, Planet Forward host Frank Sesno sits down with Martin Chavez, Executive Director of ICLEI. The focus? Smart cities! Learn what your city can do to grow and adapt to a changing planet. More>>
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Who knew lessons from preschool could apply to smart communities and our energy solution?! Check out this new initiative in Washington DC that takes the concept of sharing to a whole new level. Would you ditch your ride for one of these shared EVs...
university of survival
People for the most part are totally apathetic towards climate change. Not sure about this? Just watch commercials on TV. Does anyone really care about leaving a smaller carbon footprint on planet earth? Switch on the tube and you will find... Read More
Project Home 2011 scientific research
The scientific research project, Project Home 2011, which was an investor funded research project from 1979 to January 1, 2011, has devised a new technology using electromagnetic forces on the quantum level to motivate a vehicle, including the... Read More
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Bike to Work Day is a nation-wide cycling event that attracted one million people in cities across the country last week. For many people, it will be the first time they ride their bikes to work. Dorcas Adkins of the Washington Area Bicyclists... Read More
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In order for us to live in a more sustainable way, we have to start by making smarter decisions about how we live in our communities. One of the most important ways in which we can do that is to change the way we move around. On Wednesday, May... Read More
Retired from USDA
Here are my thoughts. Those huge windmills use wind to create energy. A typical car has shafts or axles connected to the wheels and when the wheels turn, the car moves. Now, what if we use the windmill concept on a miniature scale to create a self-... Read More
University of Mississippi
Oxford, Miss., paves the way for Bike Friendly Communities to enhance cycling as a mode of transportation.
The George Washington University
Did you know that May is Bike Month? Our intern Max Chen reflects on his love for biking and shares his bike picks from the Planet Forward archive. Read it