Planet Forward Member ideas to make the path from Point A to Point B a lot greener.

Will you be seeing these bikes on your streets soon? DC's Bikeshare program has added 1100 bicycles to DC's streets. Learn how social media technology has made this program has been so successful.
Individual Inventor/Self Taught
Thermodynamic Technology Development - Atypical InFlow Device GEARTURBINE PROJECT Atypical InFlow Thermodynamic Technology Proposal Submission Innovative [TURBO-ROTARY] Novel Fueled Motor Engine Type
Listen to what Kevin Moss of BT has to say about what his company is doing to reduce their carbon footprint in regards to transportation. Moss argues that if other companies mimicked BT's telecommunications changes, the corporate world could be a... Read More
Pretty simple idea and not a new one, but imagine hopping on a train at a train station located at the intersection of two interstates or a small city, and relaxing as the train takes you to your destination. That destination could be across the... Read More
American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)
Inhale, exhale! Unless the air is dirty, that is. Cleaning up the air is a problem that many cities face. The American Society of Landscape Architects says that by planting more trees and creating urban forests, cities can be a cleaner and... Read More
Environmental Commission of Monterey Park
Promote the idea of not accerlerating to red lights. Make the promotion a national compaign. Some people do it now to help them save gas, but the more people are conscious of the idea, the more the idea will be part of our driving habit.
National Science Foundation
Electric vehicles are here to stay. With that being said, how will EVs engage more drivers while increasing efficiency? This study revealed that smaller battery packs in EVs are much more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly than larger, more... Read More
Summer is a great time to gather some friends and go for a bike ride. This bicycle uses energy from the sun to help riders climb the steepest hills with very little effort!
Here's a scenario. You're on a 500+ mile road trip with your family. All of a sudden you're feeling sleepy at the wheel and still got to reach the destination in time. Now think about a service where you can pull into a rest area kind of a place... Read More
Planet Forward
In this week's webisode, we take a look at a video submitted to us by Sewanee’s Eco-Auto Club. The students set out to take a 1998 Ford Explorer with 231,000 miles and transform it into a more energy efficient "Eco Explorer" vehicle. Would you do... Read More