Planet Forward Member ideas to make the path from Point A to Point B a lot greener.

Motorcycles are lightweight and efficient but can't carry groceries. Cars are more flexible but not always fuel-efficient. Arcimoto, a personal electric vehicle, intends to meet the two in the middle by offering a fuel-efficient vehicle suited for... Read More
Dr. Waheed Uddin is a professor at the University of Mississippi and an expert in civil engineering. He, along with his son Usman Uddin and a team of graduate students, have come up with the idea of the Personal Rapid Transit system after comparing... Read More
If you could exchange your F-150's current gas engine with a plug-in hybrid engine, would you? Xtreme Power is developing a "bolt-in" system that will swap your engine in less than 2 hours.
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If cars are polluters, than car plants are even worse, right? But some car makers are going green. Planet Forward GW students Sara Snyder and Bridget Lynn got a close-up view of the new VW plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Watch Our Latest NBR
The George Washington University
Maryland's new biodiesel plant is turning used vegetable oil into biofuel. Can we power our cars from the fat from making our food?
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The Volkswagen Plant of Chattanooga announced on December 1st that they are now the most efficient auto manufacturer in the world. See why VW's LEED-Platinum automotive manufacturing plant boasts to be the greenest. Watch
Here's an ode to get behind: "A hydrogen fuel cell is in the making. It breaks down water it turns it in the fuel emitting zero pollution which is real cool." Watch/Listen
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Tesla Roasters might remain the sexiest EVs on the road, but what are Planet Forward members excited about? We list our top 5 ideas in electric cars.
Former Admiral and current president of the American Council on Renewable Energy Dennis McGinn discusses the power of choice in overcoming oil dependency.
Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
Our invention solves the problem of creating a shadow for transport while parking, and in movement through the shading of the metal body of heat by solar radiation, without the need for assembly or disassembly of the device. Thus, reduces warming of... Read More