Planet Forward Member ideas to make the path from Point A to Point B a lot greener.

Austin Community College is a commuter college that focuses helping their students reduce the impact of their transportation options.
Florida Gulf Coast University
Florida Gulf Coast University has a 2MW 15-acre solar photovoltaic array, geothermal energy to heat and cool their pools, and a student-run permaculture food forest.
Glendale Community College has been invested in sustainability since 2004, and now features over 30 on-campus "Green Efforts" initiatives.
Salvation Army
I would like to present an idea that I think would be of great interest to your viewers. It involves a technology that many people have heard exists, but never seems to make it to market: that of hydrogen supplementation to increase fuel mileage.
Stuart Cohen of TransForm thinks California can improve transit with some simple policy solutions, like giving buses their own lanes. What do you think? Are you willing to share the road? Watch
Citizen at large
A spike that is driven into any pavement (one every 12 inches). The spike contains an unpowered sensor that reacts with a sensor on the underside of any vehicle. Each vehicle sensor will know where the vehicle is, how fast it is going, distance... Read More
These developers at Pecan Street Inc. believe that a sustainable economy must be based on promoting clean energy. They work closely with local businesses and the University of Texas-Austin to develop a systems that reduces the cost of both energy... Read More
Planet Forward
What will it take to get more electric vehicles on the road? Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon and James Wisemen of Toyota got a head start at that question at yesterday’s Policy Summit at the Washington DC Auto Show. It was the day after the President... Read More
Planet Forward
Tonight, Planet Forward will be at the Washington DC Auto Show's preview night. We'll bring you the first peaks into this year's gadgets and gizmos. We’ve asked our expert, Amy Harder to take your questions about how to move to next-generation... Read More
National Science Foundation
Researchers have re-engineered an anaerobic bacterium known as clostridia to prevent spore formation, a change that improves the bacteria's productivity in making biofuels. The University of Delaware engineers demonstrated the feasibility of using... Read More