Planet Forward Member ideas to make the path from Point A to Point B a lot greener.

National Science Foundation
Researchers at Michigan Technical University (MTU) have created a combustion vessel to study engine technologies operating on an expanding set of alternative fuels with reduced emissions and increased efficiency. This work will help to increase... Read More
American restaurants produce around 3 billion gallons of used vegetable oil annually, and that waste could be powering your vehicle. By treating the vegetable oil waste, drivers can use the oil as fuel for their diesel engines. Decreasing our use of... Read More
Airplanes & trains seem to have the same seats they had in the 1960's: A big trunk with rows and aisles, maybe same number of seats in the cabin, usually boxy and highly uncomfortable. We have TV in back of the seats now, maybe that's all that’... Read More
When it comes to automotive innovation, you may not think about the interior of your car. These Ford researchers have, however, incorporating recycled materials into their cushions, fabrics, and liners. Is that suede? Or just plastic bottles?
Electrotrak is a network of extruded tracks that would be installed initially on the left side of HOV lanes. It would consist of modules that are fully scalable which would allow systems to be installed in segments and be placed in use immediately.... Read More
Solar carports will open up complimentary eco-friendly electric vehicle delivery and commuter "stop and shops" while each car charges it's fast charge batteries under our solar carport canopies as consumers shop around and interact with our attached... Read More
Quality Resource Technologies
One of the largest modes of transporting goods has been steel shipping containers. They have a dead weight that must be added to the transportation and costs, they also must be transported empty using huge amounts of fossil fuels adding to the... Read More
The twin Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach combine for the World's 5th largest container shipping trade gateway. Approximately 16 million Twenty-foot equivalent container units (TEUs) pass in and out of these ports each year. It is estimated by... Read More
This team of researchers says that the United States’ large energy grid will not be able to handle an influx of new technology, like electric vehicles. They are developing ways for the grid to not only be able to provide EVs with electricity, but... Read More
We have generators that are attached to the side of either a moving or stationary boat that recharges batteries for the use of electrical motors or any electrical needs aboard the boat. This would allow the reduction for the need of hydrocarbon... Read More