Planet Forward Member ideas to make the path from Point A to Point B a lot greener.

There are many apps in the market for ride-sharing (car pool, van pool, etc). The availability of such apps have enabled commuters to coordinate their trips, saving money, reducing traffic on roads and ultimately making a positive impact on the... Read More
Minnesota 2020
The federal government has worked with auto manufacturers on aggressive fuel economy standards. Current standards for 2016 will reach 35.5mpg, and if approved, the new car standard would soar to 54.5 mpg in 2025. Environment Minnesota released a new... Read More
Kooltree Productions
Trucks are a vital part of any economy, but their costs and environmental impact are less than desirable. Fortunately, fuel-saving innovations such as TrailerTail, which reduces aerodynamic drag, can cut expenses and emissions (as well as the drag... Read More
As electric vehicles take to the streets and devices become more advanced, the importance of batteries will only continue to rise. As a result, there's a need for innovation within batteries to increase efficiency, safety, and sustainability. This... Read More
This idea incorporates driverless autopilot technologies, that once engaged allow the driver to be hands free. The concept could not only drastically improve fuel economy, but it could also significantly reduce the need for road maintenance and tire... Read More
National Science Foundation
In the Nevada desert, solar energy is on the rise, literally! Check out this video that shows the construction of a solar power tower. The new technology involved can help store more solar energy so the energy grid can be more reliable for its users...
This week we feature Planet Forward innovators who are working to make our energy grid more efficient, modern, and sustainable.  Believe it or not, many aspects of our energy grid are based off of models created 100 years ago.  Can you imagine if... Read More
There’s nothing worse than being in a hurry and getting stuck in traffic! Enter Greenway: a navigation system that directs drivers away from traffic, making city streets less congested!
I have an idea for a new kind of hybrid car that uses the same parts but eliminates low gears (first and second shifts) in any transmissions found in today's hybrid cars. I noticed that hybrid cars still use first and second gears, something which... Read More
Wesley's Yard Service
I have an idea for high traffic areas in cities where there are downward slopes. The idea is to add "buttons" on a downhill slope that when pushed by rolling vehicles will generate energy. The buttons will be made a certain size and distance apart... Read More