Storyfest 2016

Grand Prize Winners:

Blooming Biosolids - Jesse Gurney, The George Washington University

Smart Floating Farms - Javier F. Ponce, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia​

Fighting Food Waste: The Food Recovery Network - Kira Sommer and Sara Merken, The George Washington University 

Honorable Mentions:

VertiKale - Hannah Abell and Oswin Chackochan, Purdue University

Saving Our Farms, Saving Our Families - Andre Carter and R'Myni Watson, Tougaloo College-Jackson State University

Rooftop Roots: Helping a Community Grow through its Garden - Ilana Creinin, Danielle Baglivo and Sophie Martin, The George Washington University

Our Fan Favorite social media contest winner:

Composting: An Urban Option - Sophie Kaplan, The George Washington University

Our other finalists were: 

To Reverse Global Warming - Shelby Thomas, The University of Florida

DC Streetcar: Washington's Answer to a Surging Urban Population - Connor Farry, The George Washington University

Sky High: Rooftop Farming and Urban Sustainability - Eric Abramson, The George Washington University

We Photographed Ugly Food to Challenge Wasteful Beauty Standards - Halley Rose Meslin and Natsuko Mazany, Indiana University

11th Street Bridge Park - Yuval Lev, The George Washington University

Thanks again to everyone who entered — there was some really tough competition. We look forward to seeing the amazing stories produced over the next year — for Storyfest 2017!

The George Washington University
Washington Green Grocer is a company that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, and dairy products right to people's doors all throughout the DC metro area.    
The George Washington University
I created a story map about urban rooftop farming. A story map is an application that provides an interactive experience for the user that both engages and educates.
University of Mississippi
This is a University of Mississippi student that has started his own personal garden.
The George Washington University
My video, entitled "DC SUN: Solar Energy and Sustainability," discussed DC Solar United Neighborhoods Co-op program. The program is designed to make the process of going solar easier and more affordable.    

(Photo by Becky Hughes)

Planet Forward Senior Correspondent | Cornell University
You may have heard Leo’s Oscar acceptance speech on the urgency of climate change. If climate change wasn’t already on your mind as something you need to think about, maybe it is now.
The George Washington University
The urban sustainability project focused on in this video is the GroW Community Garden at The George Washington University. It highlights what happens in the garden, where the produce goes, how to get involved, as well as specifically introducing... Read More
Temple University
This documentary highlights the alarming amount of hazardous waste sites that are littering the Greater Philadelphia area known as Superfund sites. These massive sites are riddled with toxic chemicals and pollution that can sit there for years while... Read More
The George Washington University
In the very same neighborhood in Northeast D.C. where social workers hand out sterile needles to drug users once a week, RonDell Pooler is growing, producing and selling fresh produce to battle food access problems.
The George Washington University
I spoke to one of Love and Carrots' gardeners, Leigh Prezkop, and asked her both about what Love and Carrots does and how they plan on impacting urban sustainability.
The George Washington University
Reinforcing the idea that long-lasting urban sustainability comes from making the environment a priority for our country, our government, and our voters. A special thank you to Professor Michael Svoboda.