Sunlight is the most abundant energy source known to man: it powers solar cells, warms the air and is the essential energy for photosynthesis. PF Members offer innovative plans to utilize this valuable resource.

Filmed at the 13th Annual Congressional Renewable Energy and Efficiency EXPO + Forum, held on May 27, 2010. The EXPO brought together 50 businesses, sustainable energy industry trade associations, government agencies, and energy policy research... Read More
SHEC has over the years, with funding from Sustainable Technology Development Canada and private investment, developed a number of solar energy innovations with it’s own lab and help from various corporate and university associates. Some points of... Read More
To be able to commercilize BEV's and PHEV's at the 20 M level within five years as called for on this web site, solar charging in public venues will be required. Otherwise, the utility industry's current occassional offering of 'reduced rates for EV... Read More
A :30 spec spot advocating the use of GREEN energy. Written and produced by T.H. "Stone" Lyons.
A :60 spec spot advocating the use of solar power created by T.H. "Stone" Lyons. Music by: Lisa Forseth
A little knowledge in your cup about the Solar Power Tower in Seville, Spain. Works Cited: Shukman, David. "Power station harnesses Sun's rays."British Broadcasting Corporation 02 May 2007: n. pag. Web. 1 May 2010.
Planet Forward
Our first TV special focused on great ideas from you, our members, about how we as a country should approach our energy future. Originally broadcast on April 15, 2009 on PBS.
Hello! My name is Chloe Maxmin from the Climate Action Club. We are a student-run at Lincoln Academy in Maine. We have galvanized a green movement in our school and community by providing opportunities for direct action in the fight against global... Read More
NET, Nebraska's PBS & NPR stations
If Jack Bauer started an NGO devoted to climate change, it would probably be called the Carbon War Room (CWR). The organization (mentioned by CWR member Jack Hidary in his Planet Forward interview) takes an unusually hawkish approach to the... Read More
Planet Forward
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill into law today that doubles the amount of energy power companies will be required to buy back from customers with solar panels today. That means that customers will be able to sell back up to 5... Read More