Sunlight is the most abundant energy source known to man: it powers solar cells, warms the air and is the essential energy for photosynthesis. PF Members offer innovative plans to utilize this valuable resource.

George Washington University-School of Media and Public Affairs
Las Vegas is considered a city of excess, with its neon lights, massive buffets, and perhaps too many Elvis impersonators.
When most people think of Saudi Arabia, they think oil. But now, the world’s largest oil exporter is taking steps toward solar. SolFocus, a California-based solar power developer, recently announced plans to install Saudi Arabia’s first commercial... Read More
Wait...too much solar energy? These are words I thought I would never hear but as with anything in life, too much of a good thing always spells bad news. According to Stephan Kohler, chairman of the German Energy Agency (DENA), there is too much... Read More
Would you install solar panels on your roof if there were no upfront costs and just a small monthly fee? Watch and learn more>>
Citizen at large
Place a geostationary microwave station in orbit and broadcast to a set of Bloom Boxes placed around the countryside. If one location is clouded over, broadcast to another location. These microwaves could also power a spacecraft (space elevator).... Read More
At the White House's GreenGov Symposium John Eaton spoke about the energy innovations he finds most impressive.
George Washington University-School of Media and Public Affairs
What's up? That's a question I often find myself wondering when researching solar power since most solar systems inhabit on rooftops. Look high and low, solar can be found in strange places from solar backpacks to solar-powered ambulances.
Planet Forward
Planet Forward was proud to play a part in the White House's GreenGov Symposium, held at The George Washington University. More than 1,000 people gathered at GreenGov to discuss how to make the U.S government more sustainable.  Frank Sesno moderates... Read More