Sunlight is the most abundant energy source known to man: it powers solar cells, warms the air and is the essential energy for photosynthesis. PF Members offer innovative plans to utilize this valuable resource.

Planet Forward
THIS WEEK's WEBISODE: The Solar Decathlon teams are in Washington DC! Check out Team New York's Roof Pod -- it sits atop a sky rise building and helps generate power PLUS: Brendan Owens, Planet Forward's newest Expert weighs in the use of new... Read More
Imagine a house where everything could be controlled by the touch of a button. Team New Jersey goes behind the scenes of the Generation House's smart home features to explain just how simple solar living can be and the engineering mechanics behind... Read More
SCIArc & Caltech
All mechanical systems in our house design have been selected to optimize the tradeoff between energy savings and cost of added photovoltaic (PV) energy generation. The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and DHW (domestic hot water)... Read More
The FIU PerFORM[D]ance House is a truly sustainable Florida house. Powered entirely by the sun, the house performs in real time by sensing and responding to the external conditions of its environment and the internal conditions of its use.
University of Calgary
Do you think this TRTL is tough enough to withstand the demands of our energy future? Informed by the past, looking to the future, TRTL's making its way to say the least.
SCIArc & Caltech
CHIP'S Architectural concept is driven by the two sides of the net zero equation: energy production and energy consumption. Watch to find out how Team California makes the two sides meet!
How do we compliment the past, but also look towards a much needed sustainable future? It all comes back to taking advantage of sunlight. With a design based on universal design principles, ENJOY provides ample space for day-to-day comfort amidst a... Read More
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George Washington University
THIS WEEK: In this week's webisode check out the New Zealand team's neat innovations like the hydronic drying cupboard that can dry 6 bath towels in an hour and a half using...water? WATCH!
Summer is a great time to gather some friends and go for a bike ride. This bicycle uses energy from the sun to help riders climb the steepest hills with very little effort!