Sunlight is the most abundant energy source known to man: it powers solar cells, warms the air and is the essential energy for photosynthesis. PF Members offer innovative plans to utilize this valuable resource.

The 2011 Solar Decathlon officially ended on October 2nd when director Richard King sent a warm thank you to everyone involved. But the Solar Decathlon happens every two years, and King ended his thank you like a starter cuing off a race. "I can't... Read More
Planet Forward
Middlebury's Self Reliance, a house modeled after the classic New England Farmhouse, won our Solar Decathlon contest. Now, we're featuring them on national TV. Watch tonight on PBS's Nightly Business Report and learn why this team inspired so many... Read More
The George Washington University
The University of Maryland's Watershed home took first place at the Solar Decathlon 2011. See what innovations took them straight to the top!
This year's Solar Decathlon was big on zero-energy homes and innovation. Watch and learn more on how different teams from all over the world created the balance between practicality and efficiency necessary for a net-zero home.
The George Washington University
Purdue University brought their green design, the INhome, to the 2011 Solar Decathlon in Washington DC. They turn a typical midwestern home into an energy efficient and sustainable dwelling...but with a twist.
George Washington University
THIS WEEK: How to turn a Solar Decathlon house into a home. GW students Melissa Turley and Jon Fenech followed Team Empowerhouse through the Solar Decathlon. Their innovation? Making it affordable enough to be a Habitat for Humanity home. WATCH... Read More
The George Washington University
Team New Jersey, a collaboration of Rutgers University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology, built the ENJOY house. This house is the first entry to the competition built from concrete. Want to keep track of Team ThinkFWD? Team ThinkFWD is a... Read More
Together I worked with another student, Jon Fenech, to cover the Empowerhouse team throughout the Solar Decathlon.  The team consisted of Parsons, Milano and Stevens Institute of Technology.
We’ve all heard people say that building environmentally sustainable homes is just too costly. The most recent critic to step up against zero-carbon homes is Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom. Given London’s famously dismal climate,... Read More
Planet Forward
THIS WEEK: In this week's webisode, Planet Forward's Frank Sesno interviews Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu at the 2011 Solar Decathlon! Chu talks about the coolest innovations, and even wonks out a bit on r-values and building materials. WATCH!