Sunlight is the most abundant energy source known to man: it powers solar cells, warms the air and is the essential energy for photosynthesis. PF Members offer innovative plans to utilize this valuable resource.

Mirrors aren't just for making sure you look good! These innovators are using mirrors to concentrate sunlight in order to generate heat. Then, using a system based on molten salt, that heat can be converted in usable electricity!
Minnesota 2020
How can communities take advantage of local resources to produce enough energy to meet their needs? This research program from the University of Minnesota is trying to find out.
Planet Forward
A key issue for scaling up solar is where to put it: on every home or in huge arrays on the desert?
These developers at Pecan Street Inc. believe that a sustainable economy must be based on promoting clean energy. They work closely with local businesses and the University of Texas-Austin to develop a systems that reduces the cost of both energy... Read More
Capturing sunlight to power our homes at night has been one of the key problems businesses and scientists have been trying to solve. Growing Energy Labs, Inc, a participant in the Clean Tech Open, is sharing an idea that could revolutionize the way... Read More
The George Washington University
GWU's solar thermal system heats up the water for three on-campus dorms. How much did the sixth largest installation cost the university? Zero. Watch
The George Washington University
Did you know beer could be green? Neither did we. At first when my partner and I set out to do this project, we thought our innovation was the fact that a local brewery, DC Brau, reused their waste by paying farmers to take it to their farms and... Read More
National Science Foundation
Science at work! NSF-funded engineers have found a way to make solar cells with plastics in a cheaper, more environmentally-friendly way.
Planet Forward
THIS WEEK: Holy cow! This week Planet Forward got up close and personal with some Virginia livestock. DC Brau, the first local brewery in D.C. feeds their organic waste to livestock in the Virginia area. Take a look!
Will you be seeing these bikes on your streets soon? DC's Bikeshare program has added 1100 bicycles to DC's streets. Learn how social media technology has made this program has been so successful.