Sunlight is the most abundant energy source known to man: it powers solar cells, warms the air and is the essential energy for photosynthesis. PF Members offer innovative plans to utilize this valuable resource.

Its mascot might be the Sun Devil, but Arizona State University is using solar energy to make positive changes in its community. They’ve already installed the largest university solar system in the country, giving students an opportunity to learn... Read More
Chandler-Gilbert Community College's SEE Your World initiative focuses on social, environmental, and economic issues and promotes their commitment to global learning.
Chateau Homes is a factory builder of wood frame single and multi-family homes. We are in the process of developing a smart and efficient house suitable for the majority of small urban lots that will be affordable, safe, and efficient in both its... Read More
Got some extra cans sitting around? This PF innovator did, so he made a DIY solar heater. Items that would’ve gone to waste, such as recycled beer cans, are put to good use and become part of a solar home heater!
See the largest solar power tower in the world rise from the desert. Will another 540-foot tower be the centerpiece of a power project in your town?Watch
Minnesota 2020
Saint Paul RiverCentre's parking ramp was outfitted with almost 350 photovoltaic solar panels, funded in part by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and Minnesota Department of Commerce. Tim Bode, of the contracting company, Hunt... Read More
Danny Kennedy of Sungevity says that his company spends as much time working through the permitting process as they do installing solar panels. How can local governments help speed the way to solar roofs? Watch
This is the simplest solar still design for distilling water using a parabolic dish, a vacuum tube, and a glass.
Mirrors aren't just for making sure you look good! These innovators are using mirrors to concentrate sunlight in order to generate heat. Then, using a system based on molten salt, that heat can be converted in usable electricity!
Minnesota 2020
How can communities take advantage of local resources to produce enough energy to meet their needs? This research program from the University of Minnesota is trying to find out.