Renewable Energy

We're going to run out of any kind of fossil fuels, so we need to move on to a renewable source.

Filmed at the 13th Annual Congressional Renewable Energy and Efficiency EXPO + Forum, held on May 27, 2010. The EXPO brought together 50 businesses, sustainable energy industry trade associations, government agencies, and energy policy research... Read More
Renewable biogas experts spoke at a June 16, 2010 event on Capitol Hill about capturing and using renewable biogas from urban and agricultural waste streams to help address our nation's climate, energy, and resource management challenges. More... Read More
Planet Forward
Kevin Maas from Farm Power Northwest gives us a tour of his anaerobic methane digestion facility and explains how his beneficial relationship with local dairy farmers. See Kevin's pitch on the technology here: Read More
Planet Forward
Kevin Maas from Farm Power Northwest LLC in Mt. Vernon, WA explains why he thinks using manure for energy via anaerobic methane digestion is an important source of alternative energy. Find out more about the process and Kevin's plant at www.... Read More
SHEC has over the years, with funding from Sustainable Technology Development Canada and private investment, developed a number of solar energy innovations with it’s own lab and help from various corporate and university associates. Some points of... Read More
Planet Forward
When we normally imagine hydroelectric energy, we think of huge dams, big lakes, and dry rivers. The state of Nevada - not normally known for its water - is trying to promote something different. Their new HydroGenerations initiative offers... Read More
Mark Rodgers, Director of Communications for Cape Wind, believes the off-shore drilling crisis in the Gulf of Mexico should teach us to embrace a cleaner alternative: off-shore wind
The waste veggie oil powered NOmadjik Media Bus heads to New Orleans stopping at BP stations along the way for some free therapy.
To be able to commercilize BEV's and PHEV's at the 20 M level within five years as called for on this web site, solar charging in public venues will be required. Otherwise, the utility industry's current occassional offering of 'reduced rates for EV... Read More